My mission is to revolutionize the global fashion and textile industries, driving sustainability through inspiration, education, innovation and collaboration.


In 2012, Marci was trying to address a growing demand for eco-friendly, made in the USA T-Shirts. Having been on the team that developed the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), she began looking for a US-based partner who had the capability to produce GOTS-compliant custom goods. Meanwhile, CAS was in the midst of a factory expansion, growing from a tie-dye and screen printer into a larger scale operation that included cut and sew capability. When the two met, they realized the potential of joining forces. The creation of MetaWear was the manifestation of their shared vision and big idea to create a vertically-integrated turnkey USA operation, producing GOTS certified apparel — that could be cut, sewn, dyed and printed under one roof — with a business model focused on people, planet, profit, passion and purpose.

Sustainability and ethical practice are as integral to our brand as our commitment to quality and style. We strive to be eco-friendly AND fashionable.

We are the first and only GOTS certified screen printer in the US, meaning our shirts have undergone scrutiny at every step of production, from fiber cultivation through screen-printing. This certification guarantees that our supply chain is sustainable on both environmental and social levels.

We source only organic, fair-trade-certified cotton to make our Tees and our screen-printing process uses seaweed-based dye instead of chemicals. Our factory in Virginia uses geothermal and solar energy and pays all workers a living wage. We’re on our way to revolutionizing the textile industry- one T-Shirt at a time.

(+) Low-Impact Dyes This means the colors have been achieved without toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and heavy metals, making them safer for your skin and the planet. (organic spa magazine)



With a commitment to ethical production, certified organic fibers and renewable energy, MetaWear aims to be the nation’s leading sustainable fashion manufacturer and turnkey solution for stylish “made in the USA,” GOTS-certified, screen-printed and dyed t-shirts and other custom goods.

UNDER THE CANOPY is the lifestyle brand for the conscious consumer. Its inspirational collections of contemporary apparel, home fashion, spa and hotel textiles, amenities, beauty and fragrance products demonstrate a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility — combining style with substance.

Founded in 1996, Under the Canopy has pioneered the sustainable fashion movement under the guidance of ECOlifestyle expert, Marci Zaroff. Having coined the term, “ECOfashion,” Zaroff has become an internationally recognized authority, and was instrumental in the development of both the Global Organic Textile Standard, and the world’s first Fair Trade Textile Certification.

Under the Canopy’s eco-conscious collections offer customers a way to buy what they love — while making a difference to human health, social justice, and the environment.



Under the Canopy aims to drive consciousness and responsibility in the fashion and beauty industries by using style as a catalyst for positive change.

A deep commitment to minimizing social and environmental impact inspires us to explore innovative methods of production, reduce chemical waste, and maximize efficiencies in water and energy use. We utilize environmentally friendly materials and are accountable to the highest practices of fair labor. Our journey toward social justice and worker welfare allows us to streamline our supply chain and provide affordable products that look good, feel good, and do good in the world.

We invite you to join us in the promise to protect human and planetary well-being – to empower people, planet, passion and purpose – and to support fashion with a future.

“My goal has always been to revolutionize the fashion world, breaking the stigmas of organic/ethical fashion as crunchy, boxy, boring, beige & overpriced, and to drive the market from hippie to hip, offering no compromise for the end consumer. Under the Canopy offers modern style, quality, fit, color, comfort and value, while making a difference to human health, the environment, farmer & worker welfare and future generations.” – MZ

What would happen if we stopped dreaming?

If we no longer looked beyond the confines of our day-to-day existence to think of what’s possible, what should be, what we can each do to make our world better.

BeyondBrands is a collective — of minds, talents, experiences and dreams. Passionately channeled to deliver results for our partners and clients that are beyond all expectations. We’ve spent years getting here. From the most respected natural products companies, to the most recognized consumer brands in the world; we exist to do one thing — help entrepreneurs and established companies provide better, healthier, more natural and sustainable products to our homes and our daily lives.

We dream of a brighter tomorrow, one brand at a time…         ecorenscreen copy



As in the fifteenth century renaissance, ECOrenaissance is a culture inspired by artistic beauty, love of nature, and spiritual wisdom. The ECOrenaissance is germinating all over the Earth. It is defining a new consumer movement that fuses lifestyle, environment, art, culture, consciousness, and global transformation. The Modern dark ages has come to an end. It is time for a rebirth and a global shift in our relationship with the world and all of its cohabitants.

The time is now to redefine your underlying pillars and begin a rebirth into your own personal ECOrenaissance. There is a better way to live life, a more significant and connected approach to the people you love, the friends with which you spend time, and those with which you work. The common threads of ECOrenaissance are woven together with growth, learning, evolving, and expanding your consciousness so you can start to experience a life on a different frequency. ECOrenaissance operates at this higher frequency and will focus readers on the exciting transformation into a more meaningful life.

From global warming to electric cars to food and home design, this book demonstrates how all of these modalities are interconnected, each a vehicle for transformation connecting all living beings to our common thread, our humanity. Within this book lies an opportunity to make a shift from a life surrounded by darkness and disillusionment with the infrastructures surrounding our everyday lives to one motivated by creativity, connection, collaboration, community, and consciousness.

ECOrenaissance will showcase groundbreaking resources and tools to transform readers’ lives in a practical yet elegant way. The ECOrenaissance initiative is one defined by global ethics, sustainable economics, beauty, art, and culture. Zaroff will transform your thinking around the nature of eco-minded products. This book was created to inspire a new business acumen that is based on sustainable values focusing on ideas such as: “do good” for society and the environment and see its positive return in both measurable and immeasurable ways; make “ green” elegant—showcasing cutting edge design and ideas delivered by true twenty-first century renaissance people; and inspire creativity and innovation while tapping into deeper collective wisdom and align with current and future needs.