Part of Marci’s magnetic positivity stems from her ability to connect with people from different backgrounds, all over the world. Her holistic vision of awakening the collective conscience means that her influence touches those at every stage of awareness. She believes that all of humanity deserves to thrive in the ecosystems that sustain us. For this reason, Marci endlessly seeks opportunities to lift others, no matter where they are in their journey.

Marci understands that the ever-changing nature of humanity and our universe means that opportunity surrounds us. Despite a tight schedule, Marci makes time to share her wisdom with anyone looking to learn more about this global movement.


textile exchange
fashion revolution




Marci understands that no one must suffer for others to succeed. Marci supports efforts that are working to lift humanity, such as:

  • ema
  • global wellness
  • conservation
  • Nature Conservancy
  • Solution Project
  • WPA
  • Sustainable
  • ewg
  • 1billion
  • amazon watch
  • Global Green
  • CRP
  • Organic
  • Green Spa
  • Allergy Kids
  • fashion
  • Label
  • SBC
  • Operation Warm
  • Mercy4animals
  • Dream Change
  • Rainforest
  • Good Food
  • Girl Up
  • Turning Green
  • Rodale
  • Yellow Leaf
  • EFC
  • Peta
  • Off the mat
  • Plant Based